Convocation Newsletter, Spring 2019

The Science of Human Wisdom Institute of the Mind launched with $150 million donation HKU will establish an Institute of the Mind to take on the grand challenge of studying the science and art of human wisdom, and harness it in the form of mind technology and neuromorphic computation. The Institute has been made possible thanks to a generous donation of HK$150 million by Dr the Hon Lee Shau-Kee 李兆基 (Hon LLD 1998), GBM, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, through the Lee Shau Kee Foundation. President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang 張翔 spoke of Dr Lee’s foresight towards research that will extend the boundaries of brain studies and neuro-science. “The Institute will establish a technology platform with a human-society-machine interface. “ It will lead to the next generation of information technology, and re-define multiple core industries including automobile, internet, medical diagnosis, energy, and foster social advancement. ” Professor Xiang Zhang President and Vice-Chancellor Cross-faculty and inter-disciplinary research teams can be assembled to study qualitative and quantitative human wisdom.” Dr Lee has a passion for education and has been a staunch supporter of HKU for decades. The Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre, which opened in 2012, is the centrepiece of the Centennial Campus. Its Grand Hall, with state-of-the-art acoustics, has become the focus for world-class concerts, international conferences, and graduation ceremonies. The student residence Lee Shau Kee Hall is home to 300 young scholars. The Lee Shau Kee Scholarships have supported over 700 local and international HKU undergraduates and postgraduates since 2009. President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang and Dr the Hon Lee Shau-Kee. 24 SPRING 2019