Convocation Newsletter, Spring 2019

Judy Cheung 張鈺琪 (BSc 2014) & Ken Cho 曹凌 (BSc 2014) Wendy Luk 陸雯馨 (BA 2014) & Katsuki Imai (Exchange student 2013) In Tokyo with Dr Yoshiko Nakano of the Department of Japanese Studies (1st right, back row), Professor Shigeto Sonoda of The University of Tokyo, Masaaki Onitsuka (Exchange student 2014/15) and participants of the HKU- UTokyo Joint Summer Program. Grace Cheung 張翠玉 & Jonathan Lee 李正康 (BSocSc 2002; MJ 2007) Parents: Dr Jennie Lee 李梅以菁 (BA 1957) Dr Lee Shiu 李韶 (Hon University Fellow) Cathy Law 羅珮珊 (BBA(Law) 2010; LLB 2012; PCLL 2013) & Jacky Cheung 張凱科 (BA(ArchStud) 2007; MArch 2010) Tse Yuet-fong 謝月芳 (BA 2010) & Wong Chi-wing 黃志榮 Fion Yip 葉鍁婷 (BSocSc(Govt&Laws) 2010; LLB 2012) & James Li 李子樹 (BChinMed 2014) A New Page in Life 52 SPRING 2019