Convocation Newsletter, Summer 2019

“Analytics and Innovation are the basic drivers for the continuous and sustainable progress of the society of human beings. May HKU continue to lead in the research and teaching of these important factors for a better world.” Dr Patrick Poon Appointment to be announced 待聘 Leong Che-Hung Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Leadership “University education is more than adding knowledge or engaging in vocational training. It encompasses the preparation of young people to meet the myriad of challenges in society and to take up leadership roles. This Distinguished Visiting Professorship will inspire students to excel in both.” Dr Leong Che-Hung Patrick S C Poon Professorship in Analytics and Innovation Incumbent: Shen Haipeng 沈海鵬 梁智鴻傑出訪問教授席 (領航) 潘燊昌基金教授席 (數據科學與創新) 14 Summer 2019