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‧ An Anthem for HKU
‧ Kissin plays Liszt
‧ "Lust, Caution" Charity Premiere
‧ Princess Changping
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‧Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme
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‧Hung Leung Hau Ling
    Distinguished Fellow in the Humanities

Since its inception in 2005, the "HKU Culture & Humanities Fund" has supported a number of projects; updates on their progress and achievements are listed below.

A dialogue on the film "The Grandmaster"

On January 31, 2013 artists of the film "The Grandmaster", including Mr Tony Leung, Mr Yuen Woo Ping and Mr Lau Kar Yung, were engaged in a dialogue with members of The University of Hong Kong at Loke Yew Hall. Cultural critic and HKU alumnus Mr Yau Ching Yuen was the moderator of the talk.

Faculty of Arts Centenary Exhibition: Upending

The Faculty of Arts celebrated its 100th anniversary with an exhibition that united the past and the future in a thought-provoking work by digital artists OpenEndedGroup. This digital installation invited us to think anew about the interconnectedness of science, education, and social studies by creating a work that references literature, music, cinema, philosophy, and the history of science. It also challenged us to explore the new spaces of the Centennial Campus and reflect on the tremendous benefits the arts and humanities bring to our lives and the places we interact in.

"My Hong Kong, My Taiwan"

Professor Lung Yingtai, Minister of Culture of Taiwan, gave a talk entitled “My Hong Kong, My Taiwan” at Loke Yew Hall at The University of Hong Kong on December 1, 2012. The talk was co-organised by the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre.

Having written 30 books, Lung not only has a large number of devoted readers in her native Taiwan but, through her works, she has also had a great influence in the Chinese-language world, in Hong Kong, China, and North America. Lung was a Visiting Professor at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU, in 2004. In 2008, Lung received the honour of being named the first “Hung Leung Hau Ling Distinguished Fellow in Humanities” by the University.

The Road to 1911: A Visual History – Exhibition and Book Launch

The "The Road to 1911: A Visual History" features an extraordinary selection of 86 photographs brought together for the first time from collections worldwide. The photographs, which date from the 1860s to the early 1920s, provide an insight into the origins of modern China, in which Hong Kong played a key role. They illustrate the social conditions and attitudes of the era, the atmosphere inside the imperial court in the dying days of the Qing Dynasty, the lives of the mighty and the poor, and various events that helped shape the transition of China from the empire to the republican era.

The book China in Revolution assembles a remarkable survey of historical photographs from leading collections around the world. The images stretch from the Second Opium War to the Boxer Rebellion and wars with Russia and Japan, the outbreak of revolution, through the rise and fall of Yuan Shikai and the ensuing warlord era. The Book is published by the Hong Kong University Press in collaboration with Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU.

More Information here (

Open Public Forum: How and What and Why do Writers Write?

Four celebrated British authors Nicholas Coleridge, Adrian Anthony Gill, Tom Parker Bowles, and David Starkey spent a morning on stage in a conversation moderated by Sir David Tang.

Ang Lee @ HKU

Oscar-winning film director Ang Lee talked about his film career and shared his views on the film industry at HKU in October 2009. Lee's classic focus of interest in his films on family drama, generational and cultural distance and father-son, father-daughter tensions; and his choice of an education in films were explored. Part of his movie, Lust:Caution, was filmed in Loke Yew Hall and expanded upon a short story by former HKU student Eileen Chang.

"The Art of Leung Sing-boh"

Leung Sing-boh, known as the King of Clown, was a renowned Cantonese Opera, movie and television artiste. To coincide with UNESCO’s recognition of Cantonese Opera as one of the Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity in 2009, his biography has been published in which readers can follow Leung’s career and the evolution of Cantonese Opera culture, as well as the entertainment industry in Hong Kong.

Kunqu Project

The University of Hong Kong is committed to promoting Kunqu. Since 2002, HKU has worked with Professor Pai Hsien-yung to launch a series of Kunqu events, included a four-day conference, lectures and demonstration talks, and performances of the classics A Youthful Rendition of the “Peony Pavilion” at the newly opened Beijing National Grand Theatre in 2007 and “Exquisite Beauty: The World of Kunqu” which was seen by students of the six local universities in 2008.

An invitation to opera

Internationally acclaimed opera singer Hao Jiang Tian visited HKU in November 2009. Organised by the Department of Music, the event included a performance and sharing by Tian, and a forum presented by Tian together with Guo Wenjing (composer), Diana Liao (librettist) and Leo Lee Ou-fan (critic) on the opera Poet Li Bai and the intercultural possibilities of the opera genre.

Being recognised as one of the most talented operatic bass singers who has played in over 1,300 performances in 40 operatic roles worldwide, Tian shared his experiences and the political, social, and musical changes which have shaped his life in China and America.

Qin Project

The HKU Qin Project aims to be the hub of collaborative research into qin and qin music and the practical engine for various bringing-to-life-in-performance ventures. A series of research projects has been carried out in collaboration with internationally recognised authorities, including the National Museum of Asian Art (Washington D.C.), Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (Oxford University), T?ky? Geijutsu Daigaku, Hikone-j? Hakubutsukan, and Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv am Museum fur Volkerkunde. In 2003, UNESCO proclaimed China’s ancient qin music as a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Excavation of Niya Ruins in Xinjiang

Professor Wang Binghau, a renowned archaeologist who worked in the XinJiang area for some forty years, shared his experience and findings of the Niya Ruins. Now deserted, the ancient Niya was a prosperous kingdom called Jingjue at the southern end of the Silk Road. The talk was co-organised by Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole and The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture.

Fabrica Cultura: Hong Kong in Venice

Four teams from the Faculty of Architecture participated in the Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in 2008, taking Fabrica Cultura (Culture Fabricate): Hong Kong in Venice as its theme. The exhibition was a showcase to take the team’s winning design pieces to the world level.

"Integrate Cantonese Opera in Education"

Cantonese opera is a Chinese cultural treasure and thus integrating Cantonese opera into the secondary school curriculum is a significant educational development in Hong Kong. This project aims to facilitate full integration by 2009 when the "3-3-4" reformed education structure will be implemented. As part of the elective course subjects, Drama Workshop, the teaching of Cantonese opera, will enhance students' articulation and aesthetic capacity. It will also help to enrich their learning experience of culture, art performance, literature, music and arts, and so cultivate their pride in Chinese culture.

This project involves the professional training of teachers and the development of the curriculum as well as the assessment mechanism. It will be formally launched in January 2007 with initially four participating secondary schools.

"James Wong and Hong Kong Popular Culture" Archive

This archive project aims to compile a valuable resource on Dr James Wong's life and creative works which will serve as the basis for a range of related cultural, educational and academic activities. A General Education course was offered at HKU in spring 2006 with colleagues of Dr Wong reflecting on his achievements in music making, writing, advertising and television work. The course culminated in a mini concert performed by young singers paying tribute to his works.

In the past year, the project team has nearly completed the first-stage cataloguing of Dr Wong's unpublished manuscripts. Two books are due to be published; one is Dr Wong's PhD thesis on the rise and decline of Hong Kong Cantopop music and the other is a collection of his works.

Future plans include the mounting of public exhibitions and the exploration of longer-term location and operation of the Archive.

"Film Makers/Scholars-in-Residence Scheme"

Film Studies is an integral part of the Cultural Studies curriculum at HKU Department of Comparative Literature. The Department has held several workshops and seminars to promote students' understanding of Hong Kong cinema, its industry, and Hong Kong culture. Mr Stanley Kwan, renowned film director, and Ms Ai-ling Wong of Hong Kong Film Archive were invited as Honorary Film Director/Scholar.

In the "Meeting Film Makers Lecture Series", film directors, critics and scholars were invited to analyse cultural issues in regard to recent Chinese films. Other Asian filmmakers also shared their invaluable experiences of film-making.

The Department has also held a film studies symposium attended by over 100 international scholars. Ongoing publication projects include "The Filmic World of Stanley Kwan: An Anthology" and "Hong Kong Independent Film Scene". The Department will continue to promote film studies through further symposia co-organised with other universities and bodies.

"Collected Art Works of Jao Tsung-i"

This project brings together some 1,200 carefully selected paintings and calligraphic works by Professor Jao Tsung-i into a single collection. The compilation tool Mr Tang Wai-Hung, Petite Ecole's Fine Art Coordinator, almost a year to complete and will be an important publication for Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole. The collection will be launched in mid-December 2006 at the exhibition "A Passage to Jao Tsung-i: Fusion of Art and Scholarship" jointly presented with the Hong Kong Central Library.

Dictionary of Bamboo Slips and Silk Manuscripts from the Chu State of the Warriors' Period

Professor Jao Tsung-i created this project with the purpose of compiling a dictionary of calligraphy of bamboo slips and silk manuscripts from the Chu State of the Warriors' Period. The content of this dictionary is calligraphy and the format will be similar to Li-zi Bian.

Besides Professor Jao, the research team consists of specialists such as Dr Hung Kuen and Mr Tang Wai-Hung, a renowned seal carver and art critic of Chinese calligraphy and painting.

The collation and editing will be completed by 2008 and the dictionary will be published in 2009.

Yuan Yang - A Publication of Hong Kong and International Writing

Yuan Yang is a literary and creative writing journal published by the School of English. It is a collection of stories, poems and memoirs from writers in Hong Kong and throughout the world. With its international profile, Yuan Yang aims to promote the idea of creativity in English, to develop cultural links between the University and the Hong Kong community, and to offer a variety of new and challenging learning experiences for students.

With the funding, the Journal expanded its editorial review board to meet the growing number of submissions, and a new book award is about to launch to encourage more participation.

Lecture Talk Series of the School of Chinese's 80th Anniversary

In celebration of the School's 80th Anniversary, a series of academic lectures were staged. Renowned scholars were invited to share their views in Chinese language, poetry, history, Chinese opera culture and arts to students in the University, secondary schools and the public in general.

The speakers invited included Professor Pai Hsien-yung (白先勇), Professor Ya Hsien and Professor Louis Cha (查良鏞) . The second of the Lecture Series, Professor Yu Kwang Chung's (余光中) Lecture on "The Peach Blossom Fan", was also a resounding success.

Publication of a Poetry Anthology《港大‧詩‧人》

As part of the anniversary celebration, the School of Chinese will be organising a programme in promotion of modern Chinese poetry.

A public talk on modern poetry 「詩的年輪」will be held in mid-September, followed by a culture salon "My Favourite Poems and I" in October 2007, when the Poetry Anthology《港大‧詩‧人》will be officially launched.

The "HKU Culture & Humanities Fund" hopes to garner wider community support for its mission of promoting national arts and local cultural resources. Projects in progress include:

Research and archive of Kunqu led by Mr Pai Hsien-yung
Planning of "Cultural Strolling"
Project for Public Culture

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