Grace Wei Huang Memorial Fund

The "Grace Wei Huang Memorial Fund" was established in June 1999, in memory of the late Mrs Grace Wei Huang ¤kh, devoted wife of Dr Rayson Huang, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong from 1972 - 1986.

Mrs Huang (1924-1999) was born and raised in Shanghai and was the first Chinese woman to be awarded an MBA degree by the University of Chicago in 1950.

The Memorial Fund was established as proposed by friends of Mrs Huang, namely, Ms Ko Siu Wah, Professor Vincent W S Leung, Professor David Todd, Mr Yao Kang and Professor Rosie T T Young.

The Fund is used for the 'Grace Wei Huang Memorial Prize' for promotion of business studies in the University of Hong Kong and will consist of two kinds of awards. The first is a scholarship presented to a second-year Business undergraduate on the basis of academic merit, which can enable the recipient to widen his/her learning opportunities. The other award is a non-cash award to be presented each to a graduate of the HKU MBA Programme and a graduate of the HKU-Fudan University IMBA Programme, in recognition of outstanding academic performance. The number of awardees and the amount of scholarship will be reviewed based on the amount of donations raised for the Fund.

Grace Wei Huang Memorial Prize

The prizes are awarded by the University's MBA Board of Examiners on the recommendation of the Chief Examiner, and Board of Examiners for the BBA degree on the recommendation of the Director of the School of Business.

Awardees of the year 2001-2002:

  • Mr Chan Ping Kwan (MBA 2002 Graduate)
  • Ms Hu Sheng Lan (IMBA 2002 Graduate)
  • Mr Yip Yee Shing (BBA (IS) Student)

Awardees of the year 2000-2001:

  • Mr Zhou Wei Mei (IMBA 2001 Graduate)
  • Mr Chu Hoi Wei, Horace (MBA 2001 Graduate)
  • Mr Lee Ka Fai (BBA (IS) Student)

Awardees of the year 1999 -2000:

  • Mr John Jeffries Harding (MBA 2000 Graduate)
  • Ms Qian Ying (IMBA 2000 Graduate)
  • Ms Pamela Candice Fung (BBA(Law) Student)



Donations to the Fund can be made by cheque payable to "The University of Hong Kong", c/o The University of Hong Kong Foundation for Educational Development and Research, 9/F Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong. Donations can also be made by purchasing the special autographed edition of "A Lifetime in Academia", an autobiography by Dr Rayson Huang.


A Lifetime in Academia, an autobiography by Dr Rayson Huang, has just been published by the HKU Press. This autobiography begins by giving an interesting account of his early days in Shantou and Hong Kong. Then came the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong when he moved to Chungking, and finally via India, to take up a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford. After his post-doctoral studies in Chicago, he spent ten years teaching in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; during this period he also made important contribution to free radical chemistry research, the impact of which is still felt today. In the last phase of his working life, Dr Huang served as vice-chancellor of Nanyang University in Singapore and of the University of Hong Kong. He also sat on Hong Kong's Legislative Council and on the Basic Law Drafting Committee for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
The beauty of A Lifetime in Academia lies not only in chronicling Dr Huang's lifelong devotion to university education, but also in contributing a celebrated chapter to the history of the twentieth century.


A special autographed edition of the book is available. All proceeds will go to the "Grace Wei Huang Memorial Fund" for the promotion of business studies in HKU.

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