Rosie Young 90 Medal for Outstanding Young Woman Scholar
Professor Anya Adair
Professor Anya Adair
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Arts

HKU Scholars Hub
“Professor Adair joined HKU in 2018 with a joint appointment that bridges the Faculties of Arts and of Law. Her leadership in law, literature, and digital humanities draws on her diverse interdisciplinary and multilingual training at the world’s finest institutions.

Professor Adair’s research expertise centres on medieval English literature, law and legal culture. Her work is driven by a fascination with language, and the potential of the smallest details of text to solve the puzzles of the past. In her research and teaching, she evinces the power to communicate clearly and passionately across disciplines.

She has performed exceptionally as a young scholar, playing key leadership roles in directing the keystone dual-degree Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws and in serving as Founding Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies. Her curricular design manifests the creative spirit of university education and is situating HKU at the vanguard of international networks fostering innovative scholarship and teaching.

Professor Adair is a brilliant scholar who is also an outstanding collaborator and communicator – someone who is forging an international scholarly reputation in her specialisation while networking across disciplines and Faculties.”