Rosie Young 90 Medal for Outstanding Young Woman Scholar
Professor Gloria Hoi-Yan Wong
Professor Gloria Hoi-Yan Wong
Associate Professor
Faculty of Social Sciences

HKU Scholars Hub
“Professor Wong is a passionate, dedicated, and visionary leader who is committed to creating tangible improvements in the lives of others. She obtained both her Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Philosophy and PhD in Psychiatry from HKU.

Professor Wong’s research and scholarly endeavours in the realms of mental health early intervention have garnered international recognition and acclaim, further bolstering HKU’s reputation as a leading institution in mental health education and research. Her impactful research in dementia, psychosis, and preventive mental health has secured substantial research grants and funding which exceeds HK$3 billion, reaching tens of thousands of young and older people with mental health needs.

As a proud alumnus of HKU, Professor Wong displays a heartfelt concern for her alma mater, remaining focused on the needs of HKU students. Recognising a gap in understanding the practical application of mental health scientific knowledge, she pioneered an undergraduate course titled “Mental Health Sciences and Society”, nurturing many young leaders in the mental health field, including student partners of “Wellness@HKU” who are supporting their fellow HKU students.

Professor Wong’s concern extends beyond her alma mater to individuals with mental health needs in society. She co-founded the Hong Kong Early Psychosis Foundation, which now stands as a reputable NGO, to support those struggling with debilitating severe mental illnesses and to increase public awareness. Her leadership in the design and enhancement of care and interventions in mental health is commendable. In 2017, she has led a government-commissioned evaluation study of a pilot community-based dementia support service. The study’s outcome contributed to the service becoming routinely available in 2019, immediately following the pilot scheme. It was the first government-funded dementia-specific service in Hong Kong, aiding approximately 2,000 families living with dementia annually.”