Convocation Newsletter, Summer 2018

Deep Roots for Innovation Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing looks to the FUTURE “My husband Edmund was born, raised, educated here in Hong Kong. Edmund always treasured his experience at HKU and it meant a lot to him. What he learnt from HKU, he carried all through his life. He very much wants the future generation of students to have the same privileges, and that is the reason why he wants to give back. The Innovation Wing will be wonderful, and he is proud to be part of it.” Mrs May Tam The idea for the generous donation came when Mrs May Tam reconnected with Professor T H Tse 謝俊謙 (BSc 1970; BSc(Sp) 1971; DipManStud 1976) at a class reunion. Professor Tse taught at the Department of Computer Science for over three decades and retired from his full professorship in 2014. They were classmates in primary school, but the childhood friends split as they left for secondary school. They did not see each other again until decades later – and the idea was sparked. Professor T H Tse and Mrs May Tam, circled, in their primary school graduation photo. A dedication ceremony was held on April 27, 2018 to honour Mr Tam Wing-fan (middle, front row) and Mrs May Tam (3 rd from left). They were joined by Professor T H Tse (3 rd from right, front row), members of the Faculty of Engineering, Council Chairman Professor the Hon Arthur Li, the then Acting President & Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Tam, alumni and friends. The idea and support for the planned 2,400-square-meter Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing came from an architecture alumnus and his wife – thanks to a chance meeting with a childhood friend dating back decades. Tam Wing-fan, Edmund 譚榮芬 (BArch 1956; Riccian) was a member of the first cohort of students at HKU’s Department of Architecture when it opened in 1950 under the Faculty of Engineering. More than 60 years later, he and his wife Mrs May Tam 譚麥美燕 have donated HK$100 million for the creation of the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, an iconic state-of-the-art facility in the Faculty of Engineering with an expected completion date of 2020.  Mr and Mrs Tam Wing-fan 36 SUMMER 2018