The Endowed Professorships Scheme
Each gift comes with a story and a dream...

An “Endowed Professorship” is one of the most significant awards
bestowed upon eminent academics within the University
in support of  their academic and research activities.

A total of 119 Endowed Professorships have been established at HKU since 2005.


The Professorship may be perpetually named in honour of a donor,
corporation or other honouree(s) as decided by the donor.

Appointment of Professorship

The donor may designate an Endowed Professorship for an academic area of his/her choice. All professors at HKU are eligible for the Scheme. An Advisory Committee ensures appointments to the Endowed Professorships shall be made in accordance with established University procedures.

Donor Acknowledgement

A Dedication Ceremony and an Inauguration Ceremony will be held in
 honour of the donors and the Endowed Professors.
The holder of an Endowed Professorship will
carry his/her full title on all occasions, in all academic publications,
news and international interactions, whilst tailor-made
stationery will carry the full title as well. The donor will be kept abreast of
the academic achievements of the Endowed Professor, who will have close
personal contact with the donor.

Ten faculties, with a comprehensive spectrum of research excellence,
are in need of your support. These faculties are:

Architecture Arts
Business and Economics Dentistry
Education Engineering
Law Medicine
Science Social Sciences

Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee ensures the appointments to
the Endowed Professorships are made in accordance with
established University procedures.
The Advisory Committee to the Vice-Chancellor on Endowed Professorships:

Dr Raymond K F Ch'ien (Chairman)
Dr York Liao
Professor Felice Lieh-Mak