Hung Hing-Ying

Hung Hing-Ying Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Science and Technology

"We are confident that this scheme will enhance the research culture at HKU and further strengthen its academic endeavours in the areas of Science and Technology. This Distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme was established in 2010 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the birth of the late Mr Hung Hing-Ying." 

The Hung Hing-Ying Family



With a generous HK$20 million donation from the Hung Hing Ying & Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation, a permanent endowment to support the appointments of visiting scholars in the fields of science and technology has now been established. 

The Hung Hing-Ying Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Science and Technology aims to attract top academics in the fields of science and technology to spend time at HKU over a span of two to three years. Through a longer term of commitment, our teachers and students will have more opportunities to interact with world-class scholars, thereby enabling the scheme to create greater impact.

The scheme also aims to provide the impetus to promote the development of targeted academic areas; foster invaluable links with reputable institutions; enhance the University's leadership in the international academic community; and provide a knowledge exchange platform to the Hong Kong community. 

To show the University's full support and to enhance this initiative, the HK$20 million donation will be matched by the University to form an endowment fund of HK$40 million. 

The annual investment return will be used to support, each year, at least one Hung Hing-Ying Distinguished Visiting Professor who must be at the forefront of science and technology disciplines.

Paul Embrechts

Appointed in 2017

Sylvie Lorente

Appointed in 2017

Kazuhiro Kosuge

Appointed in 2016

Albert Zijlstra

Appointed in 2016

Wyatt Newman

Appointed in 2013

N R Aluru

Appointed in 2011

Luk Kam-Biu

Appointed in 2011