Convocation Newsletter, Summer 2019

Rising Talents HKU has a galaxy of young stars working on the cutting edge of InnoTech Meet a select few of the many researchers making a difference Across departments and faculties at HKU, innovators are seeking solutions to societal problems. Here are a few of the many bright researchers who aim to improve humanity decades into the future. Where will the next scientific breakthrough be? In the tiniest droplet of blood, traveling at lightning speed through an electronic channel the width of a human hair. In“super strong” steel beams holding up massive infrastructure such as bridges and highways. Or in a mishap in a lab – when a piece of rubber accidentally falls into place, inspiring researchers to develop“soft implants” to support aging bones. The challenge is not only in producing sophisticated research – but also in translating laboratory discoveries into real-life applications. Can automakers and the aviation industry use newmaterials to manufacture safer cars and planes? Can biomedical innovation save lives in hospital cancer wards? For the full articles, plus more information about InnoTech at HKU, go to: