In 2005, the University celebrated the inauguration of the first 8 Endowed Professorships,
a milestone in the University's history.
To date, a total of 119 Endowed Professorships have been established.
Professor C P Lau (Chairman) ,Professor Rosie Young, Dr Edmond Chiu

Sun Chieh Yeh Heart Foundation Professorship in Cardiovascular Therapeutics

"The Professorship is established in recognition of the long legacy of cardiovascular research in the Department of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong."

"It is our wish that the Endowed Professor should be a professor of either clinical pharmacology or clinical cardiology in the Department of Medicine, who contributes significantly to teaching and research in the field of clinical cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics."

Professor C P Lau (Chairman)
Professor Rosie Young
Dr Edmond Chiu
Trustees, Sun Chieh Yeh Heart Foundation

Bernard M Y Cheung

Bernard M Y Cheung

Appointed in 2012

Clinical Pharmacology was introduced into the Department of Medicine in 1982 with the aim of heightening awareness of the importance of using safe and effective drugs in man.

Professor Cheung graduated from the University of Cambridge. He joined The University of Hong Kong in 1995 as the Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, re-titled to Associate Professor in 1998 and promoted to Professor in 2006. In 2007, he was appointed Chair Professor in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. In 2009, he returned to The University of Hong Kong again, as a Clinical Professor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

His research interests include cardiovascular risk factors, genetic and environmental causes of hypertension, drug utilization, meta-analysis and vasoactive peptides.

He is keen on the prevention and early intervention of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, and hence much of his research is directed towards identifying risk factors, early diagnosis and treatment, as well as the improved use of existing drugs to enhance the control of blood pressure.

He has written well over 150 articles in international medical and scientific journals. He has given over 150 presentations at international conferences and over 200 presentations in national or local meetings. His papers have received more than 2,500 citations to date. He has been an Executive Editor of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology since 2000, and serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Hypertension and is the Editor-in-Chief of the World Journal of Hypertension and the Open Diabetes Journal. He had drafted the constitution of the Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Medicine of the University of Hong Kong as a Founder Member, and is currently serving as its Director. He is active in promoting closer collaboration between Birmingham, Hong Kong and Guangzhou in the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Cardiovascular Sub-study.