Fireside Wednesday:

Episode 9 – Does Banking business need you?
第九集 – 銀行業需要你?

May 27 (Wednesday)

English Synopsis

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected the global economic growth in 2020 to fall to -3 percent. This makes the Great Lockdown the worst recession since the Great Depression, and far worse than the Global Financial Crisis. What is the prospect of banking career? Does the business need new blood now? Am I the one?

With the economic downturn, job vacancies in the market have dropped 40% and new graduates may worry that it will be hard to get a job. However, Managing Director of J.P. Morgan David Lau and 2014 graduate Coline Ip, who is working in private banking, both told fresh graduates and students who are interested in joining the industry that they should not worry too much. David said, “Compared to other industries, for example air transport and tourism, the impact of COVID-19 on banking is not that great. Investment activities are still on and staff can work from home. Our business still need new blood.” He also mentioned that the rapid development of technology has provided many new opportunities for business. “The analysis that I used to work on for a whole day can be done in a minute with the new technology. Virtual banking and Blockchain, etc. have pushed the banking industry to evolve and move quickly, as well as having created opportunities.”

Coline believes that the challenge for the conventional banking business may be bigger. But for private banking for instance, business related to planning and analysis on capital use, investment, heritage assets, etc. is still in great demand. The development of e-banking, virtual banking and FinTech will also be huge. She suggested that young people plan for the longer term and try to understand the different banking sectors and their functions. Regarding how students can prepare themselves for interviews, Coline recalled her own experience and said that “helping to build schools in Cambodia when I was a HKU student was very important. Special experiences like that can showcase your character and values, which can make you stand out from other candidates, both on your resume and at interviews.”

Graduate-to-be Connie Chan sited herself as an example. “It was through the HKU Mentorship Programme that David became my Mentor. He helped me to get a deeper understanding of business and has linked me up with other people in the industry to learn its different aspects. Students should make use of such opportunities.”

David appreciates the pro-activeness of Connie. David advised that “to find a job, your understanding of the business will certainly help. Through internships and interactions with people in the business, what you gain may be more than what you would by reading a hundred books. Young people should have critical thinking and see beyond the surface. This will be your competitive edge.” He reminded the audience that “you must also show your determination in getting the job. Go the extra mile and show that you want it more than the next guy.” David reflected on the fact that the banking industry actually needs people from different subject of studies. “The new banking services are very diverse, like bio technology and infrastructure, etc. But of course, it would be of help if you have a minor or study courses in finance and economics.”

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  • David Lau 劉伯偉 (HKU Mentor)
    Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
  • Coline Ip 葉鳳琪 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2014)
    Associate Director, private banking
  • Connie Chan 陳婥嵐 (BBA(Acc&Fin) Year 4)
  • Natalie Cho 曹朗翹 (BBA(Law)&LLB Year 1)

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