Fireside Wednesday:

Episode 3: COVID Cadenza

April 1 (Wed), 1:00pm – 1:30pm

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With COVID-19, venues are closed, performances cancelled, Cirque du Soleil laid off 95% of its workforce… So what can artists do in the next 8 months, or next 2 years?

What can they create, or contribute? Share their thoughts and music.


  • Daniel Chua 蔡寬量
    Mr and Mrs Hung Hing-Ying Professor in the Arts
    Chair Professor in Music

    Daniel is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Music at HKU and is also the holder of the Mr and Mrs Hung Hing-Ying Professorship in the Arts. Professor Chua is an internationally renowned musicologist and a recognised expert on Beethoven and the intellectual history of western music.

    He has written widely on music: from Monteverdi to Stravinsky; from issues of gender to the question of freedom; and from the analysis of a single chord in the Rite of Spring to the development of a new music theory inspired by NASA’s Voyager missions. His work is known for raising social, political, theological and philosophical issues in the study of music history and theory.

    As an advocate for the arts at the University, Daniel has founded various on-going projects including the Cultural Management Office, the HKU MUSE concert series, the Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme, Faith and Global Engagement, the Centre for Humanities and Medicine, and the Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities.


  • Cy Leo 何卓彦
    Harmonica Virtuoso, Composer and Singer-songwriter

    Leo, a twenty-four year old chromatic harmonica virtuosic player, was always destine to become a harmonica player from a tender age, influenced by his father Dr Ho Pak-Cheong (MBBS 1988), founder of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association and the world renowned King’s Harmonica Quintet. By the age of nineteen, Leo had accumulated 17 international titles including becoming Solo World Champion twice at the World Harmonica Festival 2009 & 2013.

    Leo is a good friend of the HKU Family, he performed at the Smash: Original 本地薑音樂節 at HKU Grand Hall in 2018.

  • Serrini 梁嘉茵
    Singer-songwriter (MA 2015; PhD candidate in Hong Kong Studies)

    Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter Serrini debuted in 2012 with her album “Why Prey’st Thou Upon the Poet’s Heart”. Ever since, Serrini has published five full albums with unstoppable musical breakthroughs. Her latest album “Songs of Experience” snatched the Best Overseas Album of the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) in Taiwan. Serrini sings of honest emotions with whimsical anecdotes. With her signature mellow melodies and shrewd humour, Serrini conquers the hearts of many. In the Fall of 2017, Serrini presented the world with her 4th album “Don’t Text Him”, topping the iTunes HK album chart at its release. In 2018, she toured 16 cities and attended large-scale music festivals. Her sold-out concert at Music Zone HK in July, 2018 marked her budding career as an indie-Cantopop singer-songwriter. Her award-winning 5th album “Songs of Experience” was released in April, 2019. A month later, she collaborated with KKBOX for a dazzling full-house concert at MacPherson Stadium. Serrini is currently a PhD student at HKU. The eloquent songster has been hotly sought-after not only as a performer, but also as a speaker for art and cultural events.

  • Daniel Lei 李梓成
    (BA Final Year Student, major in Music)

    Daniel is a regular winner of music competitions held in Hong Kong and overseas.  He is also an active music critic and promoter for newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and Beijing.  He has collaborated with various organizations on talks, workshops, research and outreach programmes. Daniel is currently a HKU Council member (full-time undergraduate student elected).

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